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Stamping foil

Stamping foil gives brightness to various packages and printings

WASHIN FOIL,high-quality stamping foil series,gains a high reputation from home and overseas customers,because of a good property and a wide range of product lineup with sharp and metallic appearance.

WASHIN FOIL is the finest quality foil,with special treated polyester film and high vacuum metallization method.

It is superior to conventional gold and silver foil in point of gloss,abrasion resistance,or chemical resistance.

It helps your merchandise make more beautiful and luxurious with metal-glossed characters or pattern.

The durability of WASHIN FOIL is received a good reputation.Especially,we have a high track record and receive the confidence of the cosmetic market of domestically and abroad.

We further pursue a research and development for upgrade to look for a performance condition and to reduce costs.

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