Cosmetic Container UV Coating

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Cosmetic Container UV Coating

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Do you want to provide durability,good design,or functionality for cosmetic containers?

Have you ever struggled to match a functional painting for plastic and the design of hot stamping?

Alao do you know that many special paint and coating materials make one hot stamping foil?Would you get really wasted to coordinate among several companies under such situation?

WASHIN contribute to the solution of that problem!

First,we provide our products,paint and coating materials for plastic of cosmetic container,with durability or functionality.

Next,we suggest good design hot stamping foil used by self-developed special paint and coating materials for film.

Of course,our foils match our paint and coating materials for plastic.

That is to say,we solve existing problem by our products,although more than three companies are related to solve it usually.

We are not only material supplier of designed cosmetic container,alsobusiness partner that can be suggested each solution for you,because we would be able to provide both materials for special paint and hot stamp.